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I would use the "Responsive Design View" available under Tools -> Web Developer -> Responsive Design View. It will let you test your CSS against different screen sizes. It will let you test your CSS against different screen sizes.

User-Agent Switcher for Chrome - Chrome Web Store NOTE: if some sites have problems after using a mobile user-agent, and won't switch back no matter what you spoof, you will need to switch the user-agent back to Chrome *and* clear your cookies for the sites to treat the browser normally again. By install ... css - What is user agent stylesheet - Stack Overflow User agent style sheets are overridden by anything that you set in your own style sheet. They are just the rock bottom: in the absence of any style sheets provided by the page or by the user, the browser still has to render the content somehow , and the user agent style sheet just describes this. Change User Agent, Mode, Display, Geolocation in Edge

History of the user-agent string - Human Who Codes 12 Jan 2010 ... The first web browser, Mosaic, was released in 1993 by the National Center for ... The user-agent string went through only a small change, removing the language token and ... The Gecko rendering engine is at the heart of Firefox. ... Developers of this new browser and rendering engine faced a problem ... Web app security testing with browsers However, the major audience (including developers) of the security testing won't be having enough knowledge about setting .... Select the user agent from dropdown or enter a custom user agent .... Mozilla Firefox: Edit and Replay Requests. Chrome Gets User-Agent Switching, Surf the Web as IE ... Changing the user agent is a great way to test your website. ... Chrome Gets User -Agent Switching, Surf the Web as IE, Firefox, iOS or Android From ... Google just added this feature to their developer version of Chrome making it easy to see ... How To Change the User Agent in Safari, Chrome and Firefox

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